Unplugged Viz
High-performance scientific visualization isn't just for the workstation anymore
Unplugged Viz Documentation

Unplugged Viz supports GPU-Accelerated displays for map, seismic, well log or other scientific data! Spend your time developing features rather than low-level rendering code. Give your users the opportunity to access their data from the convenience of an iOS or Android device.

High Level Features

  • 1D Function / Log plotting
  • 2D Scientific Image display
  • 3D OpenGL visualization
  • Interactive Color Mapping
  • Numerical axis annotation
  • Views scroll, zoom, rotate, and “bounce” as mobile users expect
  • Runs on both iOS and Android phones and tablets

GPU based (vs. standard UIImageView)

  • Faster color map modification
  • Lower in-memory footprint
  • More correct color mapping
  • Custom shader support for 3D views

Technology Features

  • Xamarin.Forms Support
  • Built for mobile
  • Conventional assembly references
  • Supports INotifyPropertyChanged events to update display
  • Supports property binding