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Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.ITextureMappedGeometry Interface Reference

Describes a geometry that includes a texture map. More...


Array TextureMap [get]
- Properties inherited from Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.ITexturedGeometry
Array TextureCoordinates [get]
- Properties inherited from Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.IGeometry
Array Vertices [get]

Detailed Description

Describes a geometry that includes a texture map.

Inheritance diagram for Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.ITextureMappedGeometry:
Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.ITexturedGeometry Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.IGeometry

Property Documentation

Array Durwella.Unplugged.Viz.ITextureMappedGeometry.TextureMap

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